Benefits of the non-essential Amino Acid Glycine

Glycine - is a non-essential Amino acid that helps revitalize the Mitochondria in your cells. Think of the mitochondria as the power plant of the cells in your body. As we age cell mutation sometimes occurs and the mitochondria begins to malfunction- causing many age related diseases, including cancer. Glycine supplementation helps prevent and in some cases reverses mitochondria damage. Glycine is a sweet tasting amino acid somewhat similar to sugar. Below are some of the benefits of glycine supplementation.

  • helping build lean muscle mass

  • preventing scaropenia (muscle loss, muscle wasting or deterioration)

  • playing a role in the production of human growth hormone

  • boosting mental performance and memory

  • helping prevent strokes and seizures

  • protecting skin from signs of aging or cellular mutations

  • protecting collagen in joints and reducing joint pain

  • improving flexibility and range of motion

  • stabilizing blood sugar and lowering risk for type 2 diabetes

  • improving sleep quality

  • lowering inflammation and free radical damage by increasing glutathione production

  • reducing risk for certain types of cancer

  • building the lining of the gastrointestinal tract

  • producing bile salts and digestive enzymes

  • helping reduce allergic and autoimmune reactions

  • boosting energy levels and fighting fatigue

  • helping produce red blood cells

  • fighting the effects of stress and anxiety

  • helping control symptoms of seizures, schizophrenia and mental disorders

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