What Makes a Great Portrait

Model: Aftyn Williams PhotoCred: Quinn Willoughby

Portraiture is more than your camera, the model, your talent and lighting. One of the most important things in photography and in life is making a connection with your subject, whether it is nature or a fellow human being. Without a connection with your subject --your work will suffer. Even those, who are the most talented in the art of photography can squander their talent, if they are not willing to take the effort to know their subject.

I always get questions, like "what gear do you use," "how do you get such gorgeous people to shoot." my answer to them is there is beauty in everyone, you just have to expose it through lens. If you learn about your subject, you can bring out beauty out in everyone and everything.

I break portrait photography into three simple things, connection to subject, expression and lighting. Sometimes lighting trumps expression when you are using it to help convey a look. Keeping these three things in mind will help you with your composition on the fly. Gear is almost completely irrelevant. Certain gear is needed for certain types photography, however, for portrait photography just about anything will work. If you have manual mode and use it properly, you're good to go. A hotshoe is nice, but is not necessary.

Photography is more than snapping 100 photographs to get 10 good ones. You should develop your skills to the point where you are choosing only the excellent ones over the good ones.

Model: Samantha Skowronek PhotoCred: Quinn Willoughby

Ask yourself, "what camera did he use for what photograph." "The six thousand dollar one or the 400 hundred dollar one."

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