Diezel Magazine and Willoughby Photography to send care packages to active military.

I have great respect for the United States Armed Forces. My Grandfather, my father, four of his siblings and my brother have served. One of my best friends has seen more combat than I can understand or care to imagine. People don't realize this, but it is a fact that less than two percent of the US population serves in the military. The sacrifices these men and women make are so great and sometimes tragic that it makes me sad to see those who are forgotten.

My father was a sniper in Cambodia near the end of the Vietnam war and has seen so many horrific tragedies unfold. Piles of rotting human corpuses along side the road. He is a man of honor and never talked or mentioned his heroism as he didn't think of himself as a hero, just someone who had a job to do. While in a strange place protecting the citizens of Cambodia from becoming just another pile of human flesh from a horrifically evil General. Unlike, the hyped movies of bravery of the US Special Forces, my father had to remain silent for 30 years. In doing so, he had to tell my mother he was in military prison, instead of telling her the brave acts he had accomplished. He worked along side the CIA and was deployed for weeks at a time, flying in from North Vietnam into the Jungles of Cambodia. He did not use a spotter and did not wear body armor, because in that day, it was too heavy and decreased mobility.

When I talked to him about all this he was reluctant to tell the stories but a couple phrases he said have been burnt into my memory. Here's a few, " I traded my food for ammo because I would just kill something if I was hungry." "We missed a waypoint once because we had tanks and troops rolling over trees within three feet of us, but they did not see us." "It's a different mindset when you hear bullets flying past your head."

So many heroes. So many who deserve better. Diezelmag.com and Willoughby Photography are going to do our part to help those who are deployed. Hopefully give a little more joy during deployment by providing as many care packages as possible by donations we receive.

As a special project, I'll be working with model Carmen Maria and an undisclosed Military base to help raise money to provide care packages to soldiers. We'll be doing a photoshoot on base with behind the scenes footage and with donations over $15 dollars a signed photograph of Carmen will be set to the donor. Click here to go to the gofundme site. Thank you for reading -Quinn

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