Thrilla at The Villa - 14th Annual Multiple Sclerosis Charity Event

Donofrio Boxing

First, I would like to thank Tony Rubino, Joseph Donofrio and Bella Penna on Hayes Road in Clinton Township, Michigan - for taking the time to put an event like this together to raise money for those who have been affected by MS. This was the 14th annual event and they have cumulatively raised over 1.4 million dollars for the MS Society over the years.

The event was full of action, generous citizens, kindness, heart and sports celebrities such as boxing legend Thomas "Hitman" Hearns. Sports memorabilia, trips, 50-50s, car leases (Thanks to Jim Riehls) and Rolex watches were all part of the auctions and give aways to help raise awareness and money for the MS Society.

Joseph Donofrio and Tommy Hearns

(MS) multiple sclerosis affects 400,000 people in the united states with over 400 diagnosed each day with this neurological disorder. Worldwide MS affects 2.5 million people. MS disrupts signals paths between the brain and body or, if you will, the flow of information from the brain to body. MS is normally diagnosed using an MRI to look for Plaque in your brain and or a spinal tap and both test must be positive. Blood tests cannot be used to detect MS but can rule out other conditions with similar symptoms.

Tony Rubino and Makers Mark

There are many Symptoms of MS and a lot of healthy people experience these symptoms so it not a good idea to self-diagnose. See a doctor if you have symptoms of fatigue, depression, Tremors, Seizures, Visions problems and weakness. As MS progresses bodily functions eventually begin to shutdown as Brain to body communication becomes more and more disrupted. Although, there are many pharmaceutical treatments to treat this horrible condition which prolong the quality of life of those who are diagnosed with the disease, the FDA has not not approved any treatments that have promising reversal effects such as the stem cell treatments being done in nations like Israel. Israel has injected stem cells directly into spinal fluid that have had positive reversal results in clinical trials.

The undercard Owner and Ring Girls

The current presidential administration is hard at work to weaken the power of the FDA and pharmaceutical companies have over our health care system so that the people of the United States can get these treatments and many other life saving treatments for other diseases as well, such as ALS and Parkinson's disease which could be cured using similar stem cell treatments for MS. Lets make make sure we keep pushing for cures and not treatments.

M.S. Society

Stem Cell Treatment - Israel

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