Stitched up Heart, Tore it up!

Photo Cred: Quinn Willoughby

I recently had the opportunity to cover the Halestorm concert for LoudWire Live. One of the opening acts really blew me away, Stitched Up Heart. These guys were a phenomenal, a no-holds-bar, Alternative Rock Band.

Before I started shooting the show, Randy Mathias (pictured above), the incredible bassist introduced himself and invited me to come on stage to catch some crowd shots as he took my card. I appreciated the friendliness and welcoming attitude, a true class act.

Photo Cred: Quinn Willoughby

Alecia 'Mixi' Demner , Band founder and incredible Lead vocalist of Stitched Up Heart, was amazing!!! I have not heard female Metal vocals like this in a long time and she hit every note with precise aggression. She literally Slayed he whole performance. Animated - with Platinum hair, jumping on and off stage --- even as she was crowd surfing on a Rubber blow up Rainbow Horse, she ripped through the lyrics. When I saw her drinking a Monster, my favorite drink, I knew the crowd was in for a treat.

Photo Cred: Quinn Willoughby

Nick Bedrosian, killer guitarist and Randy Mathias played off each with incredible showmanship. Smoke billowing out of the stage and and what seemed to be non-choreographed synchronized mind blowing action only added to my growing love for this band.

Photo Cred: Quinn Willoughby

Merritt Goodwin, Lead Guitarist - Playing his LTD, love the sound of and LTD guitar with EMG pickups -- :) nothing like it when it comes to Heavy Metal. Merritt, tore up some precision, melodic, leads; pulling me into the show. His sound was thick and heavy without forgiveness. His tone cut through the crowd like a razor!

Photo Cred: Willoughby Photography

James Decker, on Drums , kept everything tight and on time. He was a little hidden away, like most drummers on stage, but his workmanship and killer skills shinned through!

I am trying to think of who to compare this band to but there really isn't a good comparison for this style of music. You might be able to name many in their Genre, but I say they bent the rules a little for Alternative Metal and are in there own class of awesomeness. Check out their Youtube videos, website and Facebook, you'll love there work.

Thank you for the invite, Banana 105.1 !

Stitched up Heart Tour Dates and Locations:​

Photo gallery, Willoughby Photography

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