Starset Slays the Stage

Starset , born of Columbus, Ohio and originally powered by youtube -with lead singer Dustin Bates, tore it up from beginning to end on stage at loud wire Live! From fog to space suits, their stage presence was insane!! This band is definitely on the rise! The drummer was in a Plexi-Box!!

Their mix of technology and classical cello and violin completely blew be away! These guys married the old school accoutical instruments with modern instruments perfectly. They have a Nine Inch Nails type of groove along with a killer Sci-Fi feel. They are giving the audience the exact experience they are going for - since front man Dustin Bates has a Master's in Electrical Engineering. I would have loved to have the opportunity to ask Dustin if he actually made some of the musical effects equipment they used on stage.

The violin intro from the song, "monster" from their second and lasted album Vessels is so hard to describe. The easiest way to describe is intelligent and perfectly implemented for that particular song.

The other ultra-talented band members of set are as follows;

Current members

  • Dustin Bates – lead vocals, keyboard, soundboard, rhythm guitar

  • Ron DeChant – bass, keyboard, backing vocals

  • Brock Richards – lead guitar, backing vocals

  • Adam Gilbert – drums, percussion

Touring members

  • Mariko M – violin, cello (2014–2015)

  • Nneka Lyn – cello (2016)

  • Jonathan Kampfe – cello (2017)

  • Siobhán Cronin – violin (2017)


In the video "My Demons," they display some cool excerpts from the great, Nikola Tesla portrayed by an actor, which to me is great because a lot of non-scientific people don't realize Telsa is the reason their electricity is not D.C. and is A.C. Edison had to use D.C. power stations every mile to provide D.C. power, whereas Tesla came up A.C. power which did not require these stations and why we use A.C. power don't live in the stone age today.

Not only is Starset a great band they are intelligent and tell a wonderful story with there lyrics and music.

Check out their website below.

Starset website.

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