Michigan Drifts in style.

Drifting is the art of oversteering on purpose into controlled powerslides. Pushing car and being to the edge for the rush and entertainment.

All across America there are thousands of drifters. Drift events or bashes are held every weekend across the U.S. One of these Organizations is MiDrift (Michigan Drift). Brain Mentz and Bailey Birr are the founders of this grassroots drifting organization, they hold events at different venues in Michigan. Saturday July15th was one of their most popular events MiDrift Nocturnal Bash. Drifters from all over the Midwest came to Autocity Speedway in Clio Mi starting at noon and the event ended at 2 a.m. The idea for the event is so drivers can get track time to learn and perfect their craft. The best thing about these events is the way all the drivers hang out and help each other. Its a place where perfect strangers can be best friends for a short time and enjoy the art that is drifting or just chill and talk about cars. In my short time with these guys I have made alot of friends and meet some very talented people. Diezel Magazine is searching for the human side of the Automotive scene and MiDrift slides it home for sure. In the multiple events I've covered for MiDrift only tires,egos and cars were harmed.

Thanks to Midrift for an awesome event there was alot of


Charles Ruggles

Drifting is not for the faint of heart, the poor, or those who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. If you have trouble experiencing any epic, you may not wish to try to drifting, as it will have a sudden spike in epic if done correctly.

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