Kid Rock Performs with Perfection at Little Caesars Arena

PhotoCred: Quinn Willoughby Photography

Diezel Magazine had the unique opportunity to photograph one of the most famous and talented musicians of the last 20 years at the Little Caesar's Arena on September 13th in Detroit Michigan. I must say - I was a little sad to see the impending end of Joe Louis Arena when I photographed, "The Last Fights at the Joe," put on by Donofrio MMA. I remember climbing to the top row of the arena and just looking down as they were putting the Octagon together and thinking, "this is it," after all these years of shooting here and wondered, what will the performances be like at Little Caesar Arena be like? What will the atmosphere be like? All these thoughts and so many questions.

As I was driving around Detroit, looking for the specific parking garage to park in, as instructed to by the Publicist, I saw a happy enthusiasm engulfing the streets like I haven't seen in a long time. People in and around the Arena were happy like I have not seen in a long time. Was it because one of Michigan's own had returned to play in an Arena that by all intents and purposes will continue to revive downtown or a combination of two?

After parking in the Southwest corner of the Arena, level 5 of the parking garage, I gathered my Nikon gear together and headed out to obtain my credentials. As I was walking towards guards and saw the sheer size of the structure with all the places to eat and shop, I must say, I was impressed. After receiving my credentials and heading off to what is essentially a holding area for media, I prepared for show time.

PhotoCred: Quinn Willoughby Photography

As we were led to the "pit" all I could think of is two things this is going to be a great show and damn this Arena is huge!

The show started off with a silhouette of Kid Rock projected onto a large white material. To be honest, it was pretty amazing. Something that can't be explained or shown in photographs. you'll just have to see the concert to experience the full effect.

After a short speech and interesting speech he launched into the song, "you never met a mother quite like me." He was totally animated and on point, Kid has energy like no one I have ever seen onstage. The crowd roared throughout the packed stadium! All I can say is action pandemonium everywhere!!

PhotoCred: Quinn Willoughby Photography

For anyone who hasn't seen Kid Rock Live, do it, just do it. If you listen to his recorded music on your choice of device, his live performance sounds the same and is actually better because you get the full effect of the energy of the entertainers and crowd. Also as I was photographing, I watched him play guitar, sing, Rap, Drum, Scratch- old school and play the Piano all very well!

PhotoCred: Quinn Willoughby Photography

He even went old school and got nostalgic with some tunes. All I have to say is if you are in the position to see the 2017 Kid rock Tour - don't hesitate just buy the ticket and go!

Kid Rock Tour Venues and Dates!

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