From Backyard to Brickyard. SCCA runs off at the Capital of Motorsport... (part1)

From the time kids get their first hot wheels car they dream of driving at a super speedway. SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) gives the average joe a chance to race with clubs all over the USA. At the end of the year the SCCA holds their National Championship Run-Offs. The Run-Offs are a week long event ending with a Final race for each class on the Weekend. When the SCCA asked Indianapolis Motorspeedway to Host the 2017 Run-Offs every racer in the SCCA took notice. With record turn outs to qualifying events in every region this would surely be an event to remember. Over 1,000 racers came to Indy for their chance to tackle the Brickyard. Diezel magazine arrived Saturday to take in the whole experience.

Once you reach the city which is known as Speedway Indiana you notice the tack right away. A massive grandstand covers the skyscape. One peek through the grandstands and you see the legendary Pagota

the head quarters of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. After a small pitstop to get media credentials we drove to our parking space. Right away you can tell this place is special. The smell of Brats and Gasoline there is nothing else that compares. Once you walk in the gates under the masssive grandstands you feel excitement everywhere and when you see the Pagota for the first time your speakless. My inner kid was excited and it showed. The best way to explain the Brickyard is to say it is a Massive well organized city.

Once you come out into the infield you see yellow shirts all over. The yellow shirts are the track saftey team.

The amount of cars and garages are a sight to see. Seeing the strip of Bricks shows this track has history.

Opened in 1909 it is possible you are walking in the same spot as many Motorsport Legends like A.J. Foyt and Mario Andretti and you feel that.

Time to watch some racing and the racing was a perfect example of what the SCCA is all about. Every race from GT1 to Formula V was exciting to watch. With the mix of different classes there is something for every race lover. open wheel to hatchback we saw them all.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is an experince everyone should have at least once. Diezel Magazine would like to thank the SCCA and Brickyard media for giving us the credentials to cover the event.

Special thanks to Tim Sullivan for IMS Photo/Brickyard media for letting us cover the track and event.

Special thanks to Micheal Young IMS photo for sharing track memories and some history from his 50years of track photography.

Smoke n Smiles part 2 from Jacob Goodroe coming soon.

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