MiDrift ends the season with a spooky bash. (pumpkins were harmed in the making of this event)

With the chill of fall in the air two things are certain one the race season is coming to a close and two MiDrift is going to throw an epic bash to close the Michigan Drift season. MiDrift 2nd annual Halloween Bash was Oct 28th at Autocity Speedway in Clio Michigan. With a line-up of 40 drivers this year was an epic bash to close the year. From noon to Midnight the track was live with smoke and pumpkin guts. The costume party extended to the cars this year with a Nissan Pumpkin and a Skelton riding with the Steele Brothers, oh dont forget the Hangover baby came to hang out too.

Action on the track was top notch with Bobbys crew, The Steele Brothers, Night Souls and the Duck Squad.

Plus we saw familiar favorites like Darby Jean , Brandon Kutrovacz and Jeffrey Birdwell. With the Steele Brothers and Bobbys Crew running trains and the blinding smoke of Jeffrey Birdwell the track always had action. When the sunset pumpkins fell one by one. Even in the cold October night people stayed to the end to see the action and hang with friends.

With this year coming to a close I can say that the Michigan Drift scene is strong. With large turnouts and major improvement of the drivers. This is just the beginning. So hang on because MiDrift is going to send it again next year. See ya on opening day.

The trick is getting people to believe in a dream. The treat is being there to cover that dream as it becomes a reality. I speak for every fan and driver when I say thanks Brain Mentz and Bailey Birr for sharing your dream with us so we can help make it a reality.



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