HaleStorm, Stitched up Heart, News Years Day and In This Moment Moment Rock The Stage!

Tuesday May 12th 2018, it was a night of great music and theater with a power foursome of killer female rockers. With a dream line up of Halestorm, Stitched up Heart, New Years Day and In This Moment at the DeltaPlex in Grand Rapids. I was lucky enough to be to cover Stitched up Heart from the Stage for the their whole set! Smoke, Fire, Sweat and tight sound is what I expect from the bands and they did not disappoint.

The Delta Plex Arena as a packed house, with fans gone wild! These guys definitely have a lively and loyal following and following and I can see why. Who doesn't like badass women who can rock!? Although they all were killers on the stage, I had the opportunity to meet an speak with Mixi of Stitched up Heart and she was very accommodating and down to earth. Rand Mathias, the Bassist, who I talked to quite a bit was just as accommodating and an amazing performer.

Anyone one who wants to see these bands perform, please do. This a new rock era and I know with the energy they all bring rock is here to stay! The performance, the music and the emotion out by all these bands is more than thrill, it's a soulful journey.

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