MI-DRIFT showcases experienced drivers

Diezelmag.com and Autoshotz went out to Autocity Speedway in Clio Michigan to meet up with the MI-DRIFT crew for their Advanced Drivers only day. MI-DRIFT held a two day event first day was advanced drivers only of A class, Day two is a day for beginners with a guest instructor. This was the first time with this new format and it was a success. The day we attended was the advanced day. Shortly after we arrived cars started rolling in. The field of car was pretty impressive with some special guests from Formula Drift pro 2. Andrew Lewis and Geoff Donati both pro 2 drivers took the time to get more seat time before the next round of the pro 2 season. Strictly Performance sponsor for MI-DRIFT this year also showed off a new BMW driven by Cody Capan. The format gave fans the most action they have seen at any MI-DRIFT event to date. Organizers Bailey Birr and Brian Mentz want to give fans and drivers the true grassroots experince I would have to say mission acomplished. MI-DRIFT will be heading to South Havens Gingerman raceway Sept 1st and 2nd for their next event. follow MI-DRIFT on facebook.


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