Taylor Money, Model of January

Taylor Money is a fashion, commericial and editorial model and our pick for model of January. She is very talented, beautiful, giving and intelligent.

Here is what Taylor has to say about why she loves modeling.

"I like being a model because of all the new experiences I encounter with every shoot. I like meeting new people and working with different photographers and seeing things thru their eyes. I like to challenge myself with different styles of shooting. Modeling is an expressive art form thru movement and showing emotion and feelings without words." - T .M.

My greatest strength as a model is that I can adapt to any kind of shoot. I can do whatever “look” the photographer is going for: Street, sexy, fashion. I am open to any shoot. I also feel that I am able to make great connections with the photographers to create a comfort level that makes a shoot go smoothly.

My greatest weakness would be that sometimes I feel I am in a rut with my poses. I need to explore new things to do with my body to keep things interesting. I also need to work in my hand placement and keeping them natural.

My experience as a model since as been pretty amazing. I have been fortunate enough to work with some wonderfully talented photographers. I have also worked with some newer photographers to help them gain experience and build their portfolios. I have done TV segments, hotel grand openings, product advertisements for Amazon and a country music video.

My goal as a model is to always be better. Each shoot should be better than the last. I also try very hard to work my best assets and create looks that help me stand out from other models. My biggest goal is to be “seen” whether it’s in print, TV or working for a large brand as a product model.

Do people see me as trustworthy and honest? Absolutely! A persons character and how they honestly present themselves is all they really have. A Persons is character is one of their most valuable assets.

Do I consider myself creative? Yes! I love a challenge in doing various types of shoots that might put me out if my comfort zone or require that I wear something out of my norm. I love to try to work with different visions to create interesting work.

Do I work well under pressure?

Yes, I think that being in high pressure situations can actually help with spontaneity and creativity. Some of the best shots are captured on the fly and without over thinking something. I might surprise myself with a look I didn’t know I was capable off.

My most difficult photoshoots have been with photographers that are not good communicators. If soecifuc look is desired it needs to yo be conveyed. Everyone needs to be on the same page to achieve the best results Doing an entire shoot and being unhappy with the outcome is just a waste of everyone’s time.

I chose to pursue a career in modeling because I love fashion. I love the different ways a person can transform themselves thru make up, clothing and different poses. I love the life of a model with the glamour and travel.

How do I deal with uncomfortable situations? If I am asked to do a shoot that I do not have a comfort level with I try to work with the photographer to see if we can come up with a different idea that works for both of us. If this is unable to be achieved I do not do the shoot.

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