The Kings of Roadkill Nights return.

2019 winner

Boxvette 2017 winner

The second week of August is time for speed in Mid-Michigan. Roadkill Nights is a Dragracing event, held every year at M1 Concourse in Pontiac, legal street racing on Woodward. We decided in May to visit the last two winners at their shops for a little Roadkill preview. We went to Box Performance home of the 2017 winner and last years runner-up Gary Box. The garage in Grafton, Ohio is a family ran garage. Gary is the driver of the Boxvette.Due to a track accident we were unable to get pictures of the car. Gary and son Corey assured us the Boxvette will rise again and be ready for Roadkill Nights. Gary and his son Corey build big block monsters with blowers and an all manual approach in this digital era for racing. Pure Big Block power is always on the menu and they know how to make fast cars. During our time at the Box garage we saw many projects they were working on, including a very sweet Mercury Monterey among others. It is obvious that Gary,Corey and Gary's wife, Margaret have built a successful business and a community that loves them. Goodluck at Roadkill Nights we will be following you.

Kids grow up saying they want to GO FAST. Jim Kline the winner of Roadkill Nights 2018 Big Tire class and the crew at the Wyoming, Michigan based GO FAST Productions may have grown up but they still GO FAST. We went to Go Fast this July, where Jim gave us the tour of the shop, which includes a small retail store for drag racers, and showed us the army of cars they are bringing to Roadkill Nights. Jim and his crew follow the path of NOS and lots of it. Jim's 66' 1750hp GTO has three kits of NOS and he took me for a drive and just the motor alone is fast, and 3 kits of NOS will make this a monster. Jim and his son both had top three times at Roadkill last year and are looking to repeat. With the army of NOS monsters, who knows we may get a new winner this year. Thanks Jim for the great day at the shop. Goodluck at Roadkill and Pinks we will be watching.

Thursday, August 8th is the kickoff of Roadkill Nights weekend with the Tom Bailey's Pre-Roadkill Test n Tune at Lapeer International Dragway benefiting Epilepsy charities. Box Performance and Go Fast Productions will both start here. Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th the scene shifts to the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan for Roadkill Nights 2019 powered by Dodge and Motor Trend. Sunday, August 11th we return to Lapeer Dragway for Pinks All-out Live. Gary Box and Jim Kline will be attending all the weekends events and who knows maybe we will get a true heads up race between the two champs. Fingers crossed! #becauseroadkill

We will have another story with the weekends events coming soon.