The Kings of Roadkill Nights GO FAST!

The second week of August brings one thing to Pontiac, MI. Speed. Roadkill Nights brings legal drag racing to the street. Racers from all over come to race on the iconic Woodward Avenue. GO FAST productions is a garage in Wyoming, MI. that knows Roadkill Nights well with two of the top three finishers from last year. Jim Kline and his 66' GTO took fastest time in a rain shorten big tire class last year. This year GO FAST brought 10 cars to Roadkill Nights and we followed them the whole weekend. This weekend was full of action Thursday to Sunday. Thursday was the kick off at Lapeer International Dragway for Tom Bailey's Roadkill Test N Tune. The GO FAST guys came out to prep for Roadkill. After a few test runs, it was clear GO FAST was set to have a special weekend.

Friday the scene shifted to M1 Concourse for the first day of Roadkill Nights which was a spotlight for the cars hitting Woodward the next day. The GO FAST guys showed well and were confident. Tomorrow would be a great day.

Saturday, time for Woodward to come to life with speed and lots of excitement.

Roadkill Nights was looking to crown a new king and GO FAST was up to the test. Morning qualifying was a great success with Little Jimmer Kline setting the pace with the top time in big tire with a 4.99 . GO FAST placed 3 cars in the top 8. #1 Little Jimmer Kline in his 66' Acadian , Jim Kline in his 66' GTO and Bryan Rasario in his 72' Camaro. Soon as eliminations started it was obvious that it would be a special day for GO FAST. Little Jimmer had a first round match up against Joe Barry of dragweek fame. Little Jimmer beat Joe with very solid run and made it to the semi-finals for a match up for the ages. Jim Kline had a first round match up with a blown Trans-Am. Jim won his race to move in to the semi-finals for a match up with his son. Bryan Rosario had a first round match up against Dave Schroeder 2017 drag week winner 2018 runner up in his Corvette. This would be a classic race with Bryan winning by a fender. Bryan would win his semi-final race to be set to face the winner of the father son battle. Little Jimmer with the fastest time this year versus his dad Jim Kline fastest time last year for a spot in the finals. Right from the burnout they both were ready to battle. The race started good and ended with Jim Kline claiming the victory. So the final was all GO FAST Jim Kline in his 66' GTO versus Bryan Rosario and his 72' split bumper Camaro. Jim kline pulled out the victory in the final. GO FAST took the top three spots in big tire.

For the first time in three years, the event was completed with head to head racing, and Jim Kline is the new king of Roadkill Nights.

No rest for the GO FAST guys, Sunday it was back to Lapeer for ALL-OUT LIVE. All-Out was a good spotlight for more of the GO FAST guys, Carl Stancell in his Pro-Blazers and John Maher in his General Motors Chevelle. Both ran the extreme class and John Maher made the Live show. Carl Stancell called out Shannon Poole and the Redbull Corvette. Joe Barry called out Little Jimmer to rematch their race from Saturday. Jim Kline and Tom Bailey would go head to head. Carl Stancell was too fast to make the bracket show and later lost a close race to Shannon Poole. Little Jimmer once again beat Joe Barry and Jim Kline beat Tom Bailey, Which left John in the Live show and was set to run at 10 o'clock but due to a crash was set back 3 hours. During the three hours his GO FAST family stayed to support him. John came up to the line only to have an engine failure. Not the perfect ending to the weekend, but it was a perfect example of team, family and friends which is exactly what the GO FAST PRODUCTIONS crew is Family.

The weekend is now over and looking back I take away three things.

1. GO FAST PRODUCTIONS is a true racing family and they love to race.

2. This weekend made good money for some great charities thanks to Tom Bailey , William Jennings, Dodge along with Motor Trend.

3. Racers beware GO FAST will be back next year.

Sidenote Gary Box and the Boxvette were suppose to be in this article but due to tech issues they couldn't make Roadkill Nights this year. Gary and Son Corey assured me they will be back next year it should be fun.

Bryan Rosario later revealed that he ran most of the day with an engine issue.

Smoke 'N' Smiles

Special thanks to the following

Go Fast Production Jim Kline and crew

HK strategies

Lapeer International Dragway and William Jennings

M1 concourse and Tom Bailey

All-Out Live and Brain Bassone

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