Welcome to the neighborhood?

Communties grow and thrive from buisnesses and attractions bringing people into the community to spend money and have fun. Some how this basic principle is lost by a few of the residents of Mayfield township. Just a little under two years ago, William Jennings bought a decayed shell of a drag strip Lapeer International Dragway. The drag strip was in dire need of repair for years. The track was in such bad shape drivers were staying away due to safety issues. William Jennings seen the potential of what the track could be for racers and the community. The track which is now 50 years old got its much needed face lift. William Jennings ripped up the unsafe old surface and laid down a state of the art surface and to date has invested millions into making the drag strip a must visit for drivers and fans. With work still going on, the track hosted two national events which brought hundreds of people into the community to spend money at stores and eat at restaurants and stay at hotels. The national series Modern Street Hemi Shootout brought racers from as far as Seattle to the small Mayfield Township track. So now a few residents filed a lawsuit in court to pretty much shutter the track. They say its not good for the community. They say the noise is an issue, which William has designed a state or the art bleecher system to help combat noise. They say it hurts property value, which is also not true. Having an abandoned racetrack making no money I'm sure doesn't raise property value. Residents protesting have asked William to buy their property only to refuse his above market value offer and then sued him in court. They say the track isn't good for the community. William and the track have helped raised thousands for Epilepsy in track charity events the last two years and during the Christmas season William has helped support needy families in the area. The track is also responsible for bringing people into the community who would otherwise never have visited.

The lawsuit, that was filed by a few residents and the former track owner, asks to restricted hours of operation to Wednesdays, Sundays and holidays which would pretty much close the track down. Lapeer county 40th circuit court has issued a tempory injunction against the track to enforce these hours leading William to cancel his remaining track schedule for the year. Dont let the actions of a few spoil progress of this track. There is a petition you can sign if you are in the Lapeer area, one for residents and non residents. Ross Auto in Lapeer has the petitions and stickers to show your support. Lapeer International Dragway also has the petitions and stickers.

William is due back in court in October, hopefully they lift the injunction. The best way to support the track is to sign the petition and do not provoke anyone related to the law suit. Remember the goal is to let the community know the track is a positive for the community. Below is a small list of people that support the track. Lets keep Lapeer International Dragway alive and growing.

Hopefully we will see years of Smoke'N'Smiles in our future at Lapeer International Dragway.