Racing the Hills with the SCCA again after almost 20 years.

Waterford Hills Road Racing in Clarkston MI. was the scene for the Detroit SCCA first regional event of the year. Waterford last hosted a SCCA regional almost 20 years ago. Now with a new track surface the SCCA returned to Waterford Hills to see many track records fall and to make a great kickoff to the 2020 season at Waterford.

Ryan Kristoff gridlife vet had an impressive weekend taking home three first places in his Honda.

Justin Hille was on fire sweeping spec Miata and even taking a T1 victory in a barrowed Corvette.

Paul Young in his GT3 Ford Probe set a new track record beating his previous record by 8th tenths of a sec. which was almost 20 years old.

No spectators were allowed in the paddock area due to covid saftey issues but there was still a great turn out. This was a great kickoff to a short 2020 season and a great welcome back for the SCCA. Next race at Waterford Hills will be August 1st and 2nd.

Till next time SMOKE 'N' SMILES Stay safe..